Five Sentence Friday: #FirebindersFleur #CynnCruorsWorld

Welcome to another edition of #FiveSentenceFriday! Sorry I’m late for posting this. I had to attend to some personal matters plus the fact that it’s Good Friday. Anyway, here goes…This is when Fleur fights a group not knowing they were Scatha mortals. “Look, I don’t want any trouble. I’ll just leave, okay,” she said retreating.Continue reading “Five Sentence Friday: #FirebindersFleur #CynnCruorsWorld”

Five Sentence Friday #Firebinders:Fleur #CynnCruorsWorld

Welcome again to Five Sentence Friday! Here’s a snippet of a scene when Fleur Mellisande, a Firebinder meets Cynn Cruors warrior, and bomb expert Ewan Blair. Ewan notices something about the woman he’s drawn to. “Is that wound around your neck part of Halloween make-up then? She paled under the streetlamp, fear leaping into herContinue reading “Five Sentence Friday #Firebinders:Fleur #CynnCruorsWorld”

Travails of being an Indie Author

Last night, I received an email from Amazon letting me know that my just recently released Cynn Cruors novel, Midnight’s Secret: A Prequel cannot be made available because some of the content in my book was found with another publisher. What. The. Fuck. I immediately wrote them back with proof that I am the authorContinue reading “Travails of being an Indie Author”

From Cynn Cruor to Scatha Cruor

Now that Midnight’s Secret is done, I’m on to writing the next book. The thing is, I should have written Craig and Annaseth’s story even before I wrote Midnight’s Reckoning! I became engrossed with writing Dac’s story that the Leeds Cynn Cruor’s story fell by the wayside. It’s time I pick it up, but notContinue reading “From Cynn Cruor to Scatha Cruor”

This author isn’t as tech savvy as I should be…

I will be the first to admit that I’m not a computer genius or even savvy when setting up a website. I would rather leave that to the experts. But when you have no one other than yourself to depend on, you just have to bite the bullet and learn. It doesn’t matter how frustratingContinue reading “This author isn’t as tech savvy as I should be…”