Firebinders: Fleur is live!

Who could she trust? Fleur Fenwick, a firebinder, is on the run. After her friend is killed, she unearths a secret that can spell life or death for all firebinders, including her brother. When the police get involved, the detective assigned to protect her not only sends her heart racing, but also seems to knowContinue reading “Firebinders: Fleur is live!”

From Cynn Cruor to Scatha Cruor

Now that Midnight’s Secret is done, I’m on to writing the next book. The thing is, I should have written Craig and Annaseth’s story even before I wrote Midnight’s Reckoning! I became engrossed with writing Dac’s story that the Leeds Cynn Cruor’s story fell by the wayside. It’s time I pick it up, but notContinue reading “From Cynn Cruor to Scatha Cruor”